Gaby Grobocopatel was born in 1966 in Carlos Casares, a small town in the Pampas, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Her profound love for her hometown has inspired her to create a personal iconography based on the collection of images that she saw daily while living and exploring the environs of her town. Her deep appreciation for her homeland is evident in her work, which reflects not only nature but also the stories of her cultural ancestors. In this new series of works, the infinite horizon of the Pampas is presented as metaphysical and disturbing, as a vertiginous axis that confuses the spectator’s vision. It is a horizon that suggests more than what appears. The artist uses condensed shapes and colors in her search for the internal feeling and external appearance of the vastness, the silence and the poetry of these unique large spaces. In some paintings, the line that divides heaven and earth and the concrete and the magical appears to be undulated as nature and humanity become embedded in the mystery of creation.She looks for the inner feeling beyond the external appearance of these wide open vistas, where nature symbolizes specific gestures and silent spaces and the simplest thing acquires prominence. The horizon is a symbol of the future, for goals unattained, yet waiting to be accomplished.