About Gabriela Grobocopatel’s paintings

Gabriela Grobocopatel’s profound love for her hometown has helped her create a personal iconography based on the collection of images captured daily while living and going around the fields of Carlos Casares. Her deep perceptionof all these places is shown naturally in her artwork, which reflects the stories of her cultural ancestors clearly representingher home lands. She certainly knows that the ground we step on has thousands of stories to tell.

The use of cartographies of the region as background in her art pieces has made her treasure the history of the territory. Besides, she has chosen to add certain elements that are characteristic of the Pampa Plains: wire fences, cardoon, mills, posts… All these elements she uses in her art to tell her own experiences through symbols.

Note the absence of people in her paintings however so present in the fields, the mills and the huge plains impossible to be covered by the look of the eyes. The map of forts, for instance, representsoriginally wild areas upon which the town has founded, nowadays totally changed as culture has evolved.

The plains, land of the immigrant, where sunsets belong to all and the cool of the morning awakes an ever-creative community, have Gabriela to translate into artwork part of the eerie metaphysics of this huge surface.

In her new series of works, the infinite horizon, metaphysical, disturbing, vertiginous, of the Pampas, is the axis that calls the spectator. A horizon that suggests more to say and that potential includes the vastness, the silence and the poetry of these unique large spaces that allow the artist condense shapes and colors looking the interior feeling and external look of those envelopes extensions. So the line that divides integration-or heaven and earth, concrete and magical, just looks undulate in some paints, with the silhouette of an ombú or machine agrarian nature and human footprint embedded in mystery of creation.

Juan Doffo
Visual Artist
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