Gaby Grobo

Gaby Grobocopatel was born in 1966 in Carlos Casares, a small town in the Pampas, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Her profound love for her hometown has inspired her to create a personal iconography based on the collection of images that she saw daily while living and exploring the environs of her town. Her deep appreciation for her homeland is evident in her work, which reflects not only nature but also the stories of her cultural ancestors. In this new series of works, the infinite horizon of the Pampas is presented as metaphysical and disturbing, as a vertiginous axis that confuses the spectator’s vision. It is a horizon that suggests more than what appears. The artist uses condensed shapes and colors in her search for the internal feeling and external appearance of the vastness, the silence and the poetry of these unique large spaces. In some paintings, the line that divides heaven and earth and the concrete and the magical appears to be undulated as nature and humanity become embedded in the mystery of creation.She looks for the inner feeling beyond the external appearance of these wide open vistas, where nature symbolizes specific gestures and silent spaces and the simplest thing acquires prominence. The horizon is a symbol of the future, for goals unattained, yet waiting to be accomplished.


Curriculum Vitae
1979 Drawing and Painting Teacher. Conservatorio Albistur. Prof. Teresa Malatini. Carlos Casares
1990 Course in cultured marble, granite and stones .
The National Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires. Prof. Mónica Tezanos Pintos
1993 Course in Trompe L Oeil.
Carlos Gorostiaga
1995 Exhibit at The National Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires
2002-2003 A Deductive Introduction to Artistic Perception.
Ricardo Alvarez Martin
2003 Workshop on Reflective Criticism.
Teresa Pereda
2000-2004 Visual Arts Teacher.
School of Art. Pehuajó
2006 Art Course.
Bárbara Bustamante
2005 Present Juan Doffo’s Studio
2012 The Courtauld Institute of Art, Londres.
Study Tour on the French Riviera.
2013 – present Contemporary Art Course
Professor Hugo Petruchansky
May 2010 Municipal Council of Carlos Casares
Province of Buenos Aires
June 2010 Municipality of Pehuajó
Province of Buenos Aires.
September 2010 – March 2011 Arteespacio.
Art Fair held at the Hipódromo de San Isidro. Province of Buenos AiresArteamericas.
Miami Beach Convention Center. Miami. USA
September 2011 Expotrastiendas.
Sociedad Rural de Palermo.
City of Buenos Aires
September 2011 Artespacio.
Art Fair held at the Hipódromo de San Isidro – Province of Buenos Aires
November 2011 Jockey Club de Buenos Aires.
January 2012 Atelier de La Barra.
Punta del Este, Uruguay
January 2012 Hotel Conrad,
Punta del Este, Uruguay
June 2012 LMNT Gallery Wynwood Art Districts.
International Biennale. Miami, USA
July-August 2012 Curator’s Voice Art Projects.
Contemporary Art. Miami, USA
Septiembre de 2012 Arteespacio,
Art Fair held at the Hipódromo
de San Isidro. Province of Buenos Aires
Oct. de 2012 Marca País,
visión del arte argentino.

Cremata Gallery, Miami
Dic de 2012 Red Dot Art Fair. ArtSpot
Intrepid Gallery. Miami
Dic. 2012 Parish Carlos Casares
Province of Buenos Aires
March 013 Women creators of culture,
Citi women

Barco Madero Mystic + Fun
City of Buenos Aires
April 013 Espacio de Arte
City of Buenos Aires
Junio de 2013 International Biennale
Artists Exhibition
Miami Iron Side Main Gallery. USA
Ago-Sep 2013 Art Essex Gallery
Connecticut. USA
Sep 2013 Hotel Cla Lauquen
9 de Julio, Province of Buenos Aires
Oct-Dec 2013 AG Espacio de Arte
City of Buenos Aires
6 – 8 Dec 2013 Art Experience tour
Punta del Este, Uruguay
21 Dec 2013 Inauguration own Art Space
Carlos Casares, Pcia Bs As
Aug. 2014 AG Espacio de Arte
City of Buenos Aires
Oct. 2014 CAC. Cámara Argentina de la Construcción de La Plata
City of La Plata
Oct. de 2014 EGGO Art Fair
CC Recoleta. Bs As.
Nov. 2014 FROST Museum
Miami. USA.
Feb. de 2015 Consulte General of Argentina in New York
New York. USA.
April 2015 Agora Gallery
New York. USA.
Sept. 2015 ArteSalta
Salta, Argentina
Dec. 2015 Red Dot Art Fair.
Miami. USA.
Dec. 2015 Spectrum Art Fair.
Miami. USA.
April 2016 Mairie du 1er arrondissement de Paris
Paris. France.
May 2016 Gallery Argentina. Embassy of Argentina in France.
Paris. France.
July 2016 Wine Fair.
9 de Julio. Buenos Aires.
July 2016 La Nuit Argentine du Polo Masters.
Polo Club Saint Tropez. France.
Oct 2016 Residence of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in London.
London, England.
Apr. 2017 Residence of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Belgica.
Bruselas, Belgica.
May. 2017 Residence of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Italia.
Roma, Italia.
Sept. 2017 AG Espacio de Arte.
City of Buenos Aires
Oct. 2017 Instituto Camoes.
Lisbon, Portugal.
Dec. 2017 Pinta Miami.
Miami, USA.
Mar. 2018 Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Berlín.
Berlin, Germany.
May 2018 Armani/House.
Miami, EE.UU
Nov. 2018 Casa de América
Madrid, España
Jul. 2019 Museo de Bellas Artes de Salta
Salta, Argentina
Nov. 2019 Centro Cultural Borges
Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 2020 Consulate of the Argentine Republic in Barcelon
Barcelona, Spain
Sep 2022 AMIA, Espacio de Arte
Buenos Aires, Argentina
July 2023 Orangerie, Jardin du Luxembourg
Paris, France