Thank you for visiting my web and sharing with me this wonderful pastic path I am passing through. I hope this will help you as much as it helps me. Likewise, I hope that the eagerness I possess will be transmitted to you. Kind regards.
I am at your disposal.
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04/2014 El Federal Magazine
About Gabriela Grobocopatel’s paintings
Gabriela Grobocopatel’s profound love for her hometown has helped her create a personal iconography based on the collection of images captured daily while living and going around the fields of Carlos Casares. Her deep perceptionof all these places is shown naturally in her artwork, which reflects the stories of her cultural ancestors clearly representingher home lands. She certainly knows that the ground we step on has thousands of stories to tell. [READ MORE]
Once, I dreamt about having my own Art Room. I wanted a space that will enable me to produce as well as to appreciate my works hanging on the wall. I also wanted it to be not only my working and inspirational place but also a space where I could share my works with the community of Carlos Casares and its surroundings. I dreamt about a space where there would be room for the exchanging of ideas and opinions either in meetings, talks or expositions. I wanted my art room to be a place where the art would be the common language that will allow the opening of spiritual doors for those who visit it... [VIEW MORE]